Business meetings, medical appointments, court hearings, signing of contacts, house viewings, telephone interviews, speeches, conference calls… Whatever the scenario, we’ve got you covered. Make sure you are ahead of the game with our professional, expert interpreting services. 

Just a few good reasons to use our interpreting services

Our interpreters aren’t just bilingual individuals, they have extensive training and qualifications in note-taking, interpreting and cultural mediationThey don’t just relay the message in another language they serve as great:

+ Cross-cultural communicators. As well as breaking down any linguistic barriers, our interpreters use their extensive knowledge and experience of living in the various cultures involved to make sure the message strike a chord with the audience and is conveyed in the best possible way.

+ Masters of ceremony/chairs.

Having completed first-class interpreting degrees, our interpreters are trained to manage conversations/meetings. Our interpreters make sure that everybody is heard, nobody talks over each other and everybody understands.

+ Neutral mediators. Our interpreters follow a strict code of conduct which binds them to remain completely neutral at all times. Knowing that there is a neutral party there can put patients at ease during medical appointments, reassure all parties during court cases, get the best responses from interviewees and generally make the exchange more effective.

Want a full and accurate record of the conversation or meeting? Ask about our transcription services.

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