Lucy Makepeace

About the founder

Through my own experience trying to navigate international administrative and government bodies, I was inspired to set up a language company that prioritises excellent customer service and takes the time to guide clients through the process. Conscious that translation and interpreting services are often required during stressful/complex times, I want to help in way I can. This started with interpreting for expats in Paris and translating documents needed for visas, before I expanded into also helping lawyers in France explain legal processes to their English-speaking clients. 

As a native English speaker who worked hard to master French, German and Dutch, right from high school, the world was my oyster. I have been able to work all over the world and am driven by the idea of removing the linguistic/cultural barriers to open up the world to others. You can trust me to always go the extra mile when translating university applications, degree certificates and CVs because I know the opportunity at risk. Having volunteered teaching French and English in Senegal, Madagascar and Togo, I have also seen first-hand how mastering other languages can open doors and change lives.

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